Conferences and Meetups

Conferences and Meetups

Talks, training, and workshops I did.

You can contact me if you would like to organize something like this for your conference or company.


React Query Hooks for XTechnology Saturday online meetup (24-12-2022) - slides


Runtime Type Safety in Typescript for Typescript Berlin Meetup online conference (30-03-2021) - slides


Runtime Type Safety in Typescript for jsPoland online conference (20-11-2020) - slides.

NestJS - Backend out of the box - Dev Russia online conference (27-06-2020) - slides - video

Angular Bad Practices for ngHeidelberg - online meetup (29-07-2020) - slides

Mighty Decorators in Typescript - online meetup for ngPoland (20-05-2020) - slides - video

Runtime Type Safety in Typescript for Angular Minsk meetup (29-02-2020) - slides

Mighty Decorators in Typescript - Angular Belarus Meetup (10-02-2020) slides - article


Angular Bad Practices - GDG Dev Fest Gorky 2019, GDG Conference in Nizhniy Novgorod (15-11-2019). I did a talk about Angular Bad Practice and workshop about NestJS (workshop plan)

Smells like Angular Spirit - AngularBelarus meetup #1, talk about NestJS (30-08-2019)

Angular Minsk meetup #1 (16-07-2019), talk about Angular Bad Practices

Angular Bad Practices - ngVikings conference (27-05-2019)

Dive into Agile - overview of original Agile Manifesto with practical interactive exercise for audience

State Management - MobX review and usage in Angular and Mobile Apps like React Native


GDG Dev Fest Belarus 2018 conference, talk about Application State Management

SarDotNet meetup 2018, CQRS and Event Sourcing

  • Several other local meetups with the similar topics
  • Several trainings and tech talks as part of educational activities in my companies (Agile training, Code Quality Training, Scrum Training, 'Features of a national programming' - training about cultural differences in IT industry and some others)

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