Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar

Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar

Come in and welcome to the musical textcast. Throughout my live I've been listening to the music, a lot of different kind of music. Thanks to my sister's husband, who once turned on rock song in a car, I felt in love with music and keep listening since I was 12.

I want to start my textcast with very obvious music band known to everyone. For years when I asked people about favorite music band - I received that answer. Some said it honestly, because they love it. Some - because they pretend to be proficient in music. Welcome to the stage - Pink Floyd.

To me this is the most comprehensive music. The music which is all feelings. It is too hard to explain it, but this music was born during the most famous years of creativity and music blossoming - in 60th. If one asked me, which year I choose to visit - I would definitely try 69 and head straight to Pink Floyd concert.

My favorite thing - not Another Brick in the Wall, which I also appreciate. My most loved album - Wish You Where Here from 75th. Song Have a Cigar truly draws my feelings about musical production, business aspects of these matters. Critics said the whole album is uninspiring but millions of people love and keeps listening to it. I love Roy Harper voice in this song, how cynical it is. I love estranged riffs in the beginning, making the picture of some dark smoked room of studio, someone plays in the next room, studio owner sits in a deep chair with glass of whiskey and invites you to talk about real things. If one does something meaningful and successful, at some point of time there is a moment to choose - sign a devils contract or keep going your own way, long dangerous, but leading to something you believe in.

There are songs which came from outer space, from some kind of Gods Stream through people like Roger and David. Songs like Shine of You Crazy Diamond and Wish you Where here are this kind. With all appreciation to the mastery of musicians and all there hard work I cannot imagine that people just sat down and discussed - ok, lets write new song, guitar riff here, some notes here, drums.... I see it like some Gods Blessing and ability of person to let this stream of music pass through player and singer and get its form, which is still loved after 45 years.

Wish you where here begins with guitar 🎸 playing like in radio, something that is a bit faded. It was the idea of the song performance when Pink Floyd recorded it. I see the picture of a man sitting in a back of a truck, and some see shore in the morning. The radio plays some endless guitar ballad without words and our man starts playing own melody and sings. The red body of an old ford pickuop truck shines on the spring sun. Probably the man returned from the war and tries to live, tries to understand the beauty of the world once again. Maybe he just tries to pull himself together after something else and start over. This songs helped me in every dark moments of my life. It brings me pictures of the real values and makes me believe in better.

I believe in this music and I keep listening to it. Some music themes, as well as some books and other pieces of arts, get better with ages, do not lose the sense. Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here album is just like that.